BEYOND - Provenance

Provenance is a sonic palette for the BEYOND synth engine. Featuring 32 meticulously crafted sound sources, Provenance focuses on creating evocative timbres to drive the creative patching capabilities of BEYOND.

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BEYOND - Essentials

Essentials is a concise soundset for the BEYOND synth engine. At the heart of Essentials is 4 fundamental waveshapes: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, and Square. But make no mistake, this is not just a paired down instrument - even with just these 4 waveshapes, BEYOND Essentials has a very large breadth of sonic possibilities.

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So what does it sound like? Listen below! With the exception of guitar and piano on only two tracks, this album was produced exclusively with BEYOND Provenance. Only additional EQ, compression, reverb, and delay were used outside of the BEYOND engine itself.

The entire album was also produced in 5.1 surround, utilizing some of the BEYOND engine's more advanced, cutting edge features. The album, Provenance, is also available for download in high resolution 48kHz, 24-bit surround AIFF.

Sure cool... so what makes BEYOND so unique?

Our goal in developing the BEYOND engine for Kontakt was to make an instrument that inspires creativity with a powerful yet intuitive interface. Far too often sample based instruments tout themselves as sound design tools, when in fact, they just play back cool sounds that someone else created with minimal ability for adjustment by you, the artist. To be clear, we hold no judgement towards anyone who makes such instruments or anyone that makes music using them, but it is our goal to offer you something better - the ability to sculpt a sound that you can truly call your own creation.

At the core of any sound machine is creative and inspiring sound sources. BEYOND Provenance features 32 individual sound sources, spanning from basic tools such as Sawtooth and Sine waves, and venturing across different sonic universes with sources such as Haunt, Frog, and Rectify.

Take the sonic possibilities even further by sequencing and layering different sounds. With six sequencing modes such as Arp, Round Robin, and Unison, the only limit to what you can create is your imagination.

Modulation is key to any creative sound design. It's always important to use your ears when making sound adjustments, but a visual aid is also an extremely valuable tool. In BEYOND, what you see is what you get - know exactly what is happening as you modulate parameters throughout the 65+ patchpoints.

Speaking of modulators, BEYOND has 7 modulation sources to perfectly sculpt your sound! This includes thoroughly controllable Envelopes and an LFO.

Other available modulation sources are Velocity, Randomization, Key tracking, and two user definable MIDI CC's.

When loading up a synth patch, we at Barcode Ind. always find it enlightening to bypass all of the effects processing. Far too often what is behind the distortion and reverb is just a bland sound that is simply uninspired. With BEYOND, we set out to create an effects section that is more than just a way to mask boring sounds – it's an integral part of the synthesis process.

Why is that? For starters, almost every FX parameter has a modulation patchpoint for creative mangling that can only be accomplished using BEYOND's internal FX processing.

Furthermore, the FX section can be operated polyphonically, offering a unique approach to dynamics and distortion processing - let's see you do THAT with your <industry-standard-distortion-plugin>!!

Lastly, and to our marketing department's horror, we want to mention the settings menu real quick. This isn't boring - we promise! (Or maybe we're just nerds...)

One of the most deceptively powerful parts of the BEYOND engine, is the ability to output each of the 'voices' out of an individual output. This allows for some incredibly huge and complex surround panning possibilities. To our knowledge, this is the first electronic music instrument on the market that supports discrete surround outputs.

Don't give a %^@# about surround? There are still plenty of creative applications for this to be exploited in stereo as well!

For a more in depth look at the capabilities of BEYOND, check out our tutorial series video on how build patches in surround and other advanced features.

You can also download the videos to listen in 5.1 surround. Click here to learn more.

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