Based in Atlanta, Barcode Industries was founded in 2019.

Our mission is to make music and sound design tools that drive creativity and promote artistic freedom.

Who is Barcode Industries?

Paul Parker

Owner // Lead Designer

Paul is an electronic musician and film composer based in Atlanta, GA. Having spent most of his career in LA, he has had the opportunity to work with and study under a number of electronic music pioneers including Reinhold Heil, Gary Chang, and Jeff Rona. As a film composer, Paul has worked on film and television projects for networks including HBO, TNT, SyFy, and more.

The idea to start Barcode Industries developed organically as Paul built custom instruments and interfaces for his own music productions. As his designs and ideas became more complex, so did his ambition to create something more - a company that aims to cut through the facade of non-sense marketing schemes and inspire others to create their own unique music and sound design.